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The Galapagos Islands are not only the evident proof of the Earth´s magnificent beauty but the palpable constancy of Evolution. With a set of 20 islands of which 13 main volcanic origin and 7 smaller islands. All of them have an exclusive wildlife, exceptional geography and history.
The Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles (926km) away from the Ecuadorian mainland and takes the spotlights of the great diversity that characterizes the Country. Besides its incredible natural attractions, the Galapagos Islands are part of fairy-tale pirate’s stories that will bewitch you from start to end.
The Flora and Fauna are so freely living that you will have numerous encounters, and because they don´t have natural predators, they won´t run away from you and you will be able to spot them in their natural environment and many of them are endemic species, which means that you won´t see the same other specie around the world.
The Archipelago´s Marine Reserve has its importance as well, due to has 14000000 acres of a variety of flora and fauna and it´s the reason why it became Natural Heritage World Site plus the diversity of the Islands. With the years the importance to maintain this environment safe was growing so they declared it as a National Park for all the natural history and investigation relevance for all the humanity.
The Galapagos Islands is a trip of a lifetime, here you will not only learn about natural history and evolution, but you will have the chance to experience deep encounters with nature while appreciating marvelous landscapes and what a fantastic trip if you can stay in our beautiful waterfront Opuntia hotels, where you will feel the Galapagos essence.